Portland Cranksgiving 2016!

Portland Cranksgiving 2016!Saturday, November 19: “Cranksgiving”
Cranksgiving is a treasure-hunt food drive — teams visit a list of stores and buy a list of items. Items are donated to Outside In, which serves homeless youth. You don’t have to race to have an amazing time. It is imperative that we bring out more people than Seattle each year, the coveted Top Banana Trophy is at stake! Create a team of 2-5 riders with your friends — if you arrive solo, let us know and we will find you a team!

Where: Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR).

Schedule for Saturday, November 19
1 p.m.: Chocolate bar giveaway — arrive early to register your team!
2 p.m.: Riders leave
4 p.m.: Everybody back at Velo Cult, pizza for $2/slice
4:30 p.m.: Prizes awarded for Best Costumes, First Ones Back, Biggest Spenders, and more!

RSVP and share your photos: Facebook

Questions, want to donate a prize? Ask Tom McTighe anything

Cranksgiving started in New York City in 1999, and there are now nearly 80 independently organized events across the globe. Here are some Portland memories: 

  • 2013Our first year, 2013, was a great start: 100 participants donated $1500 in food and supplies, and had the best time doing it. We were all actually a little stunned to see what was possible. Seattle’s Cranksgiving did even better, and we vowed to outdo them in 2014…
  • 2014: …and we did, just barely! In 2014, Seattle had 105 participants and we had 113Read the whole 2014 story.
  • 2015: Seattle raced ahead by bringing out 160 people – we’ll catch them this year. This time we added a family-friendly ride option and saw a lot more families in the mix, which was very cool. Check out all the 2015 details.

All donations benefit Outside In, which serves homeless youth.

So much bounty! (Photo: Mick Orlosky)

So much bounty! (Photo: Mick Orlosky)

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  4. Hello!

    I was wondering if you could use anymore loot to give away! I am an Office Manager for The Wellness Center
    and we would like to sponsor this great event! Please feel free to contact me!

    Lauren R.
    Office manager

  5. Hi There,

    I registered with a Team name and haven’t received an email confirmation. How do I know if our Team was entered?
    Our team name is “Granny Gear”


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    • This is a bike event – the course will be over 10 miles – but you’re welcome to bring non-perishable food to donate, and we’re also collecting jackets, gloves, and hats for people who need them. Come down and make a memory!

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  9. Hey Cranksgiving looks like something I’m definitely interested in! Can you please send me info for this year? Thanks!

    • 1. Teams are 2-5 peeps each (I just added that in a couple places)
      2. Each person registers individually, there’s a place for your team name in the form on this page.
      3. Thank you for the questions!

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  11. We’re interested in this! And I only found out just now! How can I register four of us under Yvonne’s Crew (name). We are a friendly family, or family friendly, or what have you 🙂

    • Super excited to see more families! Registration (and the chocolate bar giveaway) starts at 1pm – when you arrive, go to the reg table, pick up the reg packet, have your teammates sign the waiver, return it to the reg table. We send everyone off at 2pm.

      • Yay! Thanks for getting back to me, Tom. I’m sure you’re all swamped! But this should be really fun. See you tomorrow~

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    • We’re starting to add rides for October, November and December. Most rides are listed at least a month in advance.

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