Help stamp out cabin fever!

Tom McTighe, Founder, Ride Sweeper

Tom McTighe, Founder, Ride Sweeper

Many of my best memories are of running around outside in every kind of weather. Some people can’t seem to enjoy their lives unless it’s 70 degrees and sunny…I say phooey on that – we must enjoy every day, soggy or no.

And why fly to Hawaii in the winter when you live in a place like Portland, Oregon? Tons of people would love to be in your shoes right now. Stay here all winter. Spend your vacation money making Portland a better place. Meet the locals. Make friends.

Puddlecycle is my way of making sure there’s something fun for me to do outside every weekend, all winter long. One fine day, there will be 1000 different bike clubs in Portland – maybe one of them will be yours?

Tom Howe, Chief Engineer

Tom Howe, Chief Fungineer

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