Saturday, December 31, 2016

Puddlecycle new years ride

December 31, 2016/January 1. 2017: First Ride of the Year
Portland has had the “First Run” for many years, and now there’s a “First Ride” event! We will meet underneath the Morrison Bridge a short ways past the start of the foot race, and cheer the runners on as they get going at exactly 12 midnight. After a few minutes we head out on a parallel path that never interferes with the runners – we ride Naito while they run the waterfront path; we ride the top deck of the Steel Bridge while they run the lower deck path; we ride Water Ave. while they run the Eastbank Esplanade. Things will be quite festive around One World Trade Center, but this bike ride is not affiliated with First Run and will not be using any of their facilities. As an option, you can purchase an entry to the run and do the bike ride instead. The supplied runner bib will provide entry into both the before and after parties. There’s also a 10K run that goes around the course twice, so it would be possible to do the bike ride first followed by a single 5K loop on foot around the running course.

Meet: Saturday, December 31, 11:45 PM
Where: Waterfront Park (under the Morrison Bridge)
Distance: 4.4 miles
RSVP: Facebook
Contact: The Toms

Add your skills to the rumpus and help stamp out cabin fever.


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