Event report: Cranksgiving 2013

Cranksgiving Portland 2013: Food and supplies collected

You done good!

Yesterday something like 96 people on 23 teams came out and filled the Velo Cult with laughs. Eventually we also filled four garbage bags with with donated sweatshirts and jackets, and created a small mountain of food and supplies to donate to Outside In – after adding in the 100 loaves donated by Dave’s Killer Bread, the cash equivalent came to $1572. So proud of Portland today. Love all of you generous scrappy champs who helped spread the word about the event and helped us make Portland’s 2013 Cranksgiving a mindblower.

Seattle did eke past us this year – for their 4th anniversary event they turned out 126 people – but I think it’s mostly due to them having more fun hills to ride down – so not to worry! We’ll just redouble our determination, and maybe add a few more hills to the course next time. Mick Orlofsky took some stunning photos – Team S&M got the prize for being the biggest spenders, and also made this cool helmet-cam video.

Cranksgiving Portland, 2013: Clothes donated to Transition Projects

When Halley’s happy, Portland’s happy.



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