Join me for an angry moment

Angry at cars
, let’s send them to Mars
they take up way–far–too–much–room
In those parking spaces, we could grow food by the cases
just imagine the whole city in bloom

Angry at cars, put them all behind bars
they kill 30,000 Americans each year
That’s seven thousand plus seven September Elevens
thirty thousand, and each one so dear

Angry at cars, for the deep secret scars
they inflict on the one planet we’ve got
We trash the water and land, that we so vehemently defend
is this why our young people fought?

Angry at cars – neighbors are distant stars
incapable of making friends on the road
So much of our time, alone waiting in line
just growing lonesome and growing old

Angry at cars – more! For keeping us poor
$8,000 a-year-per-car is the cost
Imagine the good we could do our neighborhood
if we didn’t spend so much on exhaust

Angry at cars, for all of the wars
we fight just to keep them all fed
Think of the trillions we’ve spent bombing civilians
the next time your gas gauge’s red

One thought on “Join me for an angry moment

  1. Yeah me angry at tar
    stuck to the wheel of my 4 wheeled belly boat spar
    didn’t mean to go so far
    but it did

    Hope is pulling it out
    with a two wheeled black-top boat scoop
    not sure if I’ll make it
    so deep in that goop

    but maybe some strong riding friends
    help me pull out ALL of those ends
    and this group, I will soup, as the rainbow cloud bends

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