People I met last week: Brock


Who are you and what are you excited about?

I grew up in the Seattle-Tacoma suburbs and spent a lot of time riding bikes. I enjoyed the sense of freedom that anything with wheels gave me, and it was exciting to be able to move faster than I could on foot! My grandpa built a tandem in the 1960s and he would take me out for rides on it while my mom was at work. This winter I’m getting back into music, which I’ve missed since I sold my gear a few years ago. This time it’s a simple acoustic guitar and I’m hoping to learn to play all of the songs I love to listen to while it’s raining outside. I’ll continue to produce the weekly Sprocket Podcast and hope to keep meeting interesting people to interview.

If you could introduce any two people – who and why?

In another world, I’d introduce my conservative mom to all of my liberal bikey friends and be fascinated by how it fell out, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea. In the real world, I’d be inclined to introduce the people who run Amtrak to the people who love to take their bikes aboard the train, because while things are slowly getting better on that front, there’s a lot of improvement that could be done!


Okay, your turn – introduce yourself.

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