People I met last week: Charley


Who are you and what are you excited about?

I grew up in a small timber town in the Willamette Valley called Dallas, Oregon. Dallas was a small town and my family had been there for generations. I moved to Portland when I was 23 and sold my truck and became a full-time pedestrian, which then grew into a love for bikes.

This winter I am excited about the rains returning. I love the rain in Oregon. It is a calming presence in my life.

My current projects include Umbrella, a fiscal sponsor non-profit that assists projects that encourage community based street culture. We do this by providing tax-deductible status, liability insurance, and a board of directors full of expertise.

Another project I am working on is, a blog dedicated to informing Oregonians about bike and pedestrian laws.

If you could introduce any two people – who and why?

Not to sound too meta or narcissistic, but I would introduce me at age 14 to me at age 34 and explain why living a healthy lifestyle, including cycling, is so important, and reassure myself that it will all work out.


Okay, your turn – introduce yourself.

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