Puddlecycle’s first 2015 ride: Halloween!

It was just sprinkling early in the day, which turned to steady light rain…and then at 3:30, we saw sheets of rain come down – I stood in my doorway and laughed maniacally, and actually considered not going out for a minute. But as is the case almost always in Portland, the showers pass, and soon we had normal steady rain again.

I packed my pack with backup layers, threw in a sandwich, a bar of chocolate, half a bottle of water, extra gloves, an extra hat, lights, keys, wallet, phone, other phone (why buy a new phone when two old phones will do the trick?), then I realized my playlist wasn’t downloaded and cursed Spotify – my kid drew a nose and whiskers on me while I waited for that to happen.

After rushing downstairs, I realized I didn’t know where I was going. Back upstairs – woah, the ride meetup is 6.6 miles from my house! Finally out of the garage, on the road, mind those wet leaves, not a lot of cars, colors lush, through Ladd’s, along the waterfront, hat tip to the guy down there with a skateboard (!), up the Steel Bridge ramp, down Interstate – whoop, there’s a car burning and a huge lake under the underpass, and someone’s backing their Beetle toward me at 25 m.p.h…

Head up to Williams – there’s Paula, Brandon, and Kelly fixing a flat! Made it to the Doll Asylum after getting lost looking for Michigan among Minnesota, Montana and other “M” avenues on the wrong side of the freeway, a little soggy but not cold. Met up with the gang, saw some cool creepy houses, stopped at a block party! The rainiest block party ever. They had pizza, drinks, a movie, a photo booth, all in tents in the street. So cool. Lots of super cool parents and kids out in the steady light rain jumping huge puddles in their Halloween costumes.

Our final destination was Lone Fir Cemetery – we heard they’d had to cancel the event, because branches were coming down in the wind and the rain, but we went by there anyway, and said so long at its darkened gate. Last year’s trip to Vancouver was plenty wet, but I think this was the rainiest Puddlecycle ride so far.

Lessons learned: Need to be out the door sooner. Snacks and dry layers are good to have. Super cool that we had five people on the ride, considering how crazy the rain was falling earlier. Next week: The Co-op Ride – see you there!

photo: KATU (http://goo.gl/BXmu7q)

photo: KATU (http://goo.gl/BXmu7q)

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