Ride brainstorm, thus far

Here are a few of the ride ideas people have had so far:

  1. Water Slide Hot Tub Ride
  2. Crooning in the Rain Ride
  3. Square Dance Ride
  4. Gore-Tex Zombie Taco Ride
  5. Not-Dog Hot Dog Ride
  6. Chili Cook-off Ride
  7. Soup Championship of the World Ride
  8. Humane Society to Food Bank Ride
  9. Movie to Movie Ride
  10. Act I to Act II Ride
  11. Ride to Yoga
  12. Polar Bare Swimsuit Ride

Dream a little winter ride dream and let us know about it!

9 thoughts on “Ride brainstorm, thus far

  1. What about a tea-tasting ride? Townsends on Alberta, the Tao of Tea on Belmont, and Townsends on Division are basically in a straight line, north to south, so that might be an easy route.

    • The Jasmine Pearl on 22nd just north of Sandy is small, but friendly and tasty. I have a couple friends that told me about a nice place in China town, but I’ve forgotten the name.

    • Yeah! I had an orieteering lesson once that was also a treasure hunt; that could be great! There’s also a letterboxing community in Portland, where people hide rubber stamps all over town, and other people hunt them out and stamp their notebooks with them. Urban orienteering would be a good skill for a letterbox ride.

  2. How about riding to Tabor Space on Nov 24th to listen to the Bulgarian Singing Performance. 2pm, $12. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Anna, that sounds like a soulful thrill-ride, but lands on Cranksgiving weekend…maybe we’ll do two rides that weekend! Let’s scheme on this some more…

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