Ride Report: “Bob and Dave’s Excellent Adventure”

They're good people

They’re good people

Yes – alive and living! Loved this sunny crisp day – yesterday our conversating crew rolled through Reed, up the Springwater, and into Milwakie, arriving at the grainy promised land: the Bob’s Red Mill and the Dave’s Killer Bread outlet stores.It was 41 degrees but I didn’t really need my balaclava – looked like Brandon was wearing little more than a sweater, but he assured us there were several layers underneath. He and Bala and Alma made for excellent company.

We ate on the heated patio in Bob’s restaurant, which Bob has given, along with the rest of his company, to his employees. Check out the savory and sweet food photos on Yelp.

Afterwards we went across the street and I got 16 loaves of bread – ’cause we’ll be serving up tea and toast to 100+ hungry bike riders at Cranksgiving, which is next Saturday!

On the ride I played tunes downloaded freely, yet legally, at Epitonic. If you know of similar sites, give a holler.

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