Ride report: Bob and Dave’s Killer Adventure

Nine of us! Rode! Out to the genteel industrial park! That is home to the Bob’s Red Mill and the Dave’s Killer Bread stores. I got eight loaves of bread and two Sin Dawgs for $20, and picked up a 25lb. bag of quick oats for $18.50. We sat in Bob’s cafe and ate many things and talked of many things – the Clojure programming language, earthquake preparedness (300 Clif bars without water isn’t a good plan), architecture, using a 3D printer to print a CAT-scan-based representation of your own head, brains and all, out of dough, so it’d be like a pastry, fractals, edible and non-edible mushrooms, book publishing, classical music, MSG. On the way home, we stopped and delivered a pair of twins at one house and taught a young man the meaning of Christmas at another. Then Tom H. took us to a secret waterfall near 45th street, and Eric took us on a series of unimproved streets that was super fun, near 37th. After I got home, I realized that I forgot to pick the winner for the Cinema 21 tickets, so jut did, and will deliver these on next week’s Square Pie ride. Eric won.

Bob and Dave's Killer Adventure

The second ride was lovely.



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