Financial reasons to go carfree

Going carfree saves money - and lives.

Going carfree saves money – and lives.

I’m convinced we won’t see much progress in these parts if we don’t invite car drivers to check out how sweet life can be when you’re carfree. And I’m pretty sure Americans find appeals to their pocketbooks most convincing. Can you think of any financial reasons to go carfree to add to this flier?

  1. Walk, bike and retire early! AAA says car payments, gas, parking and maintenance cost an average of $8,000/year. Think of what you could do with an extra $700/month.
  2. Walk and bike your way into the best shape of your life – you’ll enjoy each day more and save money on medical bills.
  3. It’s almost impossible to make friends while driving, but it’s pretty easy when you walk and bike. A healthy social network makes you less likely to get sick, helps you sleep better and lowers your risk of mental decline.
  4. Fewer cars on the street means less street maintenance and lower taxes for all of us.
  5. In America, drivers are the leading killers of those aged 5-34 years. No amount of money can bring back someone you love.

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