What’s the name of your bike club?

Ladies bike club

Good company.

Everyone who owns a bike should have a bike club. Because it’s awesome. Being in a bike club is like being in a band, but you don’t have to schlep amps around or live in a smelly van for six months of the year. Biking about with your club is even funner than biking about by yourself. You learn about what to wear and how to style your hair. You have people to share your hopes and dreams and chocolate with. There is safety in numbers. And hilariousness. You can score group discounts. It’s better than being on a team. No one yells at you if you’re late for practice. There is no practice. You get to be outside, but people aren’t trying to tackle you all the time. There’s no standing around for nine innings waiting for someone to hit the ball in your direction. You go where you want to go. You play all year round.

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